SEO For Google+ & Google Search panel @ SMX West 2012
Instructor Sean Carlos speaks on SEO For Google+ & Google Search at SMX West 2012.

In the photo: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land; Sean Carlos, Antezeta; Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo; Daniel Dulitz, Google; Monica Wright, Search Engine Land & Marketing Land (source: SMX)

Microblogging with Twitter

Put Social Media to work for your business!

Initially perceived as a way to let people know what you’re doing now, businesses from Amazon to Fiat are using Twitter daily as part of their normal business processes. Through the power of twitter, these innovative businesses sell to, support, converse with, learn from and influence their customers.

In our course on microblogging with twitter, you’ll learn how to get up and running with the tool while avoiding the common pitfalls. Best practice examples throughout will illustrate what others are doing successfully, valuable input for developing your own twitter strategy.

“The teacher was impeccable. He was totally at ease with the subject, he ran the course with confidence, kindness and great availability.” — Gaspar Torriero, SayIT SA, Novazzano Switzerland

Appropriate for any Marketing and Communications professional. The course can be personalized to fit your needs. A typical syllabus follows.

  • Instructor Sean Carlos
  • Duration 1day
  • Location Milan, or for groups, at your business
  • Cost €695 /day + VAT (group discounts available). The fee includes course materials and certificate of participation
  • Terms Training registration is governed by our terms & conditions
  • Prerequisites Basic knowledge of how to use the Internet
  • Class size To insure effective instruction, registration for public training sessions is limited to 10 students
  • Language English. Training in Italian is available
  • Who is the course for? Interactive Media, Communication and PR Professionals
  • What will I learn? By attending this course, you will:
    • Gain an understanding of the twitter microblogging platform and how to get started
    • Leverage twitter usage best practices while avoiding the common pitfalls
    • Develop a twitter strategy for your own business
    • Understand how to measure, interpret and act on key twitter metrics
  1. Introduction
    1. What is twitter?
      1. Terminology and definitions
      2. Not just twitter: some of the pretenders to the throne
      3. Microblogging is very much in flux - a disclaimer is in order
    2. Twitter's benefits: why bother with twitter?
      1. Twitter Demographics
      2. Use for reputation, promotion, sales, conversing, listening, research
      3. Business examples
        1. E-commerce
        2. Support (listening and responding)
        3. PR, Image
        4. More examples
      4. Is twitter a time sink?
      5. Put the wisdom of the crowd to use
      6. Break through to the masses
      7. Source of breaking news
  2. Getting Started
    1. Create an account
      1. Choosing a name
        1. Length
        2. Recognition
        3. Case sensitivity
        4. Special characters
        5. Name already taken?
      2. Password Security
    2. Profile information
      1. Short bio
      2. Website URL
      3. Verification
      4. Protect updates or not?
      5. Avatar
        1. Size
        2. Colors and Contrast
        3. Compatibility with Twitter Clients (Test!)
        4. Change Frequency
    3. Profile background image
      1. Marketing opportunity
      2. Distraction from click through to site link on right
  3. Who to follow
    1. Current contacts
    2. Influencers and Thought Leaders
      1. Lists can be helpful
    3. Suggested users
    4. Directories
    5. Managing invitations
      1. Everyone vs. selective
    6. Follow Friday (FF)
    7. Tools
  4. Tweeting
    1. Length
    2. Frequency
    3. Time of day
    4. Signal to noise ratio
    5. Language (English, other)
    6. Responding to others
    7. Find (and maintain) your voice
    8. RT: Retweeting
    9. Hashtags
    10. Short URL services
    11. Tracking code
    12. Direct Messages (DM)
    13. Picture hosting services
    14. Before pressing Enter
    15. Posting simultaneously to other sites
    16. Opps... tweet deletion
    17. Ghost writers and the importance of disclosure
    18. Scheduled tweets
    19. Twitiquette: behave or get banned
    20. Advertising – tweet for pay
  5. Lists
  6. Twitter software clients
  7. Promote your account: getting Followed
    1. Quality messages
    2. Following others
    3. Promote twitter profile
    4. Directories
    5. Validating your followers
  8. Searching tweets and users
    1. Twitter search (ex Summize!)
    2. Search engines, e.g. Google & Bing
  9. Social Graph
  10. Measuring Influence
    1. A few considerations
    2. Web Analytics Tools, e.g. Google Analytics
    3. Twitter Analyzer, Twitalyzer, TweetLevel et al
  11. Reading and monitoring the conversation
  12. Twitter API
    1. What and why
    2. Backing up your data
      1. Tweets
      2. Followees
      3. Lists
  13. Tools
  14. In conclusion
    1. Defining your strategy
    2. Resources
    3. Glossary
  15. Q&A
  16. Participant feedback

¹Subject to modification. We adjust the content of our courses based on student needs and current industry developments.

Is there a topic you don't see in the syllabus? Let's talk, the topic may already be part of the course even if it isn't explicitly stated above.

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