SEO For Google+ & Google Search panel @ SMX West 2012
Instructor Sean Carlos speaks on SEO For Google+ & Google Search at SMX West 2012.

In the photo: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land; Sean Carlos, Antezeta; Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo; Daniel Dulitz, Google; Monica Wright, Search Engine Land & Marketing Land (source: SMX)

SEO Tools: Sitemaps & Google Webmaster Tools Training

Once you’ve acquired basic and advanced SEO knowledge, it is the time to put what you’ve learned into practice. This course is geared to provide participants with a thorough knowledge of the two SEO tools that provide feedback on our SEO results directly from the source, the search engines. Using search engine sitemaps & dashboards answers to many questions emerge:

This and other information provides essential feedback necessary to calibrate our SEO activities, i.e. search engine marketing (SEM). Due to the cross-functional (Marketing and IT) nature of this subject, we suggest that both Marketing and IT professionals attend.

  • Instructor Sean Carlos
  • Duration 1 day
  • Location Milan, or for groups, at your business
  • Cost €695 /day + VAT (group discounts available). The fee includes course materials and completion certificate.
  • Terms Training registration is governed by our terms & conditions
  • Prerequisites Basic knowledge of how to use the Internet and of SEO. It is strongly recommended that participants first complete our SEO training.
  • Class size To insure effective instruction, registration for public training sessions is limited to 10 students
  • Language English. Training in Italian is available
  • Who is the course for? Marketing and IT professionals
  • What will I learn? By attending this course, you will be able to:
    • Properly use the different sitemap types to ensure the quality (frequency and depth) of search engine crawling, necessary for indexing
    • Learn how to enable webmaster tools for different search engines and to define an access policy to avoid unforeseen pitfalls
    • Acquire the knowledge necessary to analyze reports with a marketing focus to improve a site's business performance
    • Understand how to analyze technical reports in order to improve how a site is perceived by both search engines and site users
    • Leverage the dashboards from multiple search engines to get a more complete overview on how the site is seen by the various search engines.
  1. XML sitemaps for search engine indexing
    1. What are they?
      1. History
      2. Example
    2. A few benefits
    3. A few disadvantages
    4. Sitemap fields in detail
      1. Scope
      2. Allowed paths
    5. Files and folders to exclude from the map
    6. Sitemap validation
    7. Sitemaps and trust - the importance of quality
    8. Sitemaps and links
    9. How to generate / create sitemaps
      1. Google tools
      2. Tools for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal
    10. When to generate a sitemap
    11. Search engine notification
      1. Ping
      2. include in the robots.txt file or not
      3. Using the search engine dashboards
    12. Complex cases
      1. The sitemap index
      2. Hosting the XML file on a different domain
      3. Sitemaps for a multilingual website
    13. Sitemaps
      1. Constraints
      2. Considerations
    14. Specialized XML sitemaps
      1. For images
      2. For news
      3. For videos
      4. For mobile devices
      5. For products... almost
    15. Other formats
    16. Which search engines that support sitemaps
  2. Webmaster Tools
    1. What are and what are they for?
      1. What are they
      2. Why use them
      3. Why do search engines provide them?
      4. Will using search engine webmaster tools hurt the visibility of a site in a search engine?
    2. Which search engines provide SEO tools?
    3. First steps: authenticating a site
      1. The methods used, advantages and disadvantages
      2. Authentication for
        1. Google
        2. Bing
        3. Yahoo
        4. Yandex
      3. Revoking authentication
        1. Why, when, how
      4. Access Considerations
        1. Personal or business account
        2. Enable all the tools immediately or it is better to wait?
        3. Access by multiple people
        4. Access level
      5. Search Engine SEO Tools in detail
        1. Google Webmaster Tools
          1. The main dashboard: manage:
            1. The sites
            2. Messages (account)
            3. Users
          2. Messages (Site)
          3. The configuration of a site
            1. Sitemaps
            2. Crawler access
            3. Sitelinks
            4. Change of addresses
            5. Settings
            6. URL Parameters
          4. Your site on the Web
            1. Search queries
            2. Links to your site
            3. Keywords & phrases
            4. Internal links
            5. Statistics
          5. +1 Metrics
            1. Influence on search
            2. Activity
            3. Audience
          6. Diagnostics
            1. Malware
            2. Crawl errors
            3. Crawl statistics
            4. View as Googlebot
            5. HTML tips
          7. Experimental features
            1. Instant Previews
            2. Site performance
            3. Video sitemaps
          8. Data export
            1. Why is it useful, examples
            2. Tools to facilitate data exportation
          9. Google Analytics integration
          10. Programmer interface: API
            1. Benefits
            2. Limits
        2. Bing and other webmaster tools
          1. Key features in comparison to Google Webmaster Tools
          2. Market considerations
  3. In conclusion
  4. Resources for futher study
  5. Questions & answers
  6. Participant feedback

¹Subject to modification. We adjust the content of our courses based on student needs and current industry developments.

Is there a topic you don't see in the syllabus? Let's talk, the topic may already be part of the course even if it isn't explicitly stated above.

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