SEO For Google+ & Google Search panel @ SMX West 2012
Instructor Sean Carlos speaks on SEO For Google+ & Google Search at SMX West 2012.

In the photo: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land; Sean Carlos, Antezeta; Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo; Daniel Dulitz, Google; Monica Wright, Search Engine Land & Marketing Land (source: SMX)

Search Engine Advertising with Google AdWords

Optimize your Business Results!

Search Engine Advertising (SEA), also referred to as Pay per click (PPC) advertising, provides companies with fast and fairly predictable results from Google and other search engines. This course covers all the main themes of search advertising from the selection of keywords to the creation of winning landing pages. Special attention is paid to advice for effectively targeting your investment.

“The teacher was impeccable. He was totally at ease with the subject, he ran the course with confidence, kindness and great availability.” — Gaspar Torriero, SayIT SA, Novazzano, Ticino Switzerland

Digital marketing professionals who want complete Search Engine Marketing (SEM) training, should also consider our course covering SEO, the other part of SEM) (no, SEM is NOT a synonym for Search Engine Advertising!).

  • Instructor Sean Carlos
  • Duration 2 days
  • Location Milan, or for groups, at your business
  • Cost €695 /day + VAT (group discounts available). The fee includes training materials and a certificate of completion
  • Terms Training registration is governed by our terms & conditions
  • Prerequisites Basic knowledge of how to use the Internet
  • Class size To insure effective instruction, registration for public training sessions is limited to 10 students
  • Language English. Training in Italian is available
  • Who is the course for? Digital Media and Web Marketing Professionals. IT Professionals who support the marketing function
  • What will I learn? By attending this course, you will be able to:
    • Define, plan, implement and manage your PPC strategy to optimize your business ROI
    • Learn to leverage keyword and keyword phrase selection and usage best practices
    • Gain an understanding of how to influence the positioning and display of your products and services in paid search results
    • Understand how to measure, interpret and act on key PPC metrics
    • Find and choose the most appropriate keywords
    • Set up and manage AdWords campaigns
    • Create winning landing pages
    • Measure performance
    • Avoid common mistakes
  1. Introduction to Pay-per-click with Google AdWords
  2. The ads types
    1. Small text ads
    2. Graphical ads (banners)
    3. Video Ads
    4. Local business listings
    5. Mobile phone ads
  3. Where do my ads appear?
    1. Google search results pages
    2. Search pages from partner search engines
    3. Web pages ("content") on Google and other sites
  4. How much does it cost?
    1. How the different cost options work
  5. AdWords Quality Score
    1. Ad relevance
    2. Click frequency
    3. Landing pages
    4. Myths and clichés
  6. User search behavior
  7. Keywords and keyword phrases
    1. Introduction to keyword phrase research and analysis
    2. The interaction between users and search engine
    3. Before beginning keyword research
      1. What are the business objectives for the site?
      2. Who is our target audience?
      3. Business and performing keywords
      4. Keyword selection considerations
    4. Tools available for keyword research
    5. Keyword matching
      1. broad, phrase, exact, negative
    6. Learning from the competition
  8. Structuring a campaign
  9. Account creation
  10. Campaign creation
    1. Keywords and their status
  11. Writing targeted ads
    1. The basic concepts
      1. The invitation to act, such as purchase or reserve something
      2. The placement of keywords in the ad
      3. The importance of being clear and concise
      4. Targeted landing pages
    2. Ad elements
      1. The title or header
      2. The description
      3. The URL (web address)
  12. Landing pages
  13. Options
    1. Geography (country, city) and language
    2. Day parting: ad scheduling
    3. Where search ads appear: the search and/or content networks
    4. Suspending a campaign
  14. Conversion and ROI Tracking
    1. The basic concepts
    2. AdWords Reports
    3. Google Analytics
  15. Software Tools
    1. AdWords Editor
    2. For large campaigns
    3. API Interface
  16. AdWords Optimization
  17. AdWords Policies
  18. In conclusion
    1. Suggested readings and resources
    2. Q & A
  19. Participant Feedback

¹Subject to modification. We adjust the content of our courses based on student needs and current industry developments.

Is there a topic you don't see in the syllabus? Let's talk, the topic may already be part of the course even if it isn't explicitly stated above.

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