SEO For Google+ & Google Search panel @ SMX West 2012
Instructor Sean Carlos speaks on SEO For Google+ & Google Search at SMX West 2012.

In the photo: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land; Sean Carlos, Antezeta; Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo; Daniel Dulitz, Google; Monica Wright, Search Engine Land & Marketing Land (source: SMX)

Your Brand on Facebook

Put Social Media to work for your business!

Facebook is the largest of all social networks, hosting more than 1 billion active users each month. Facebook is even the most searched word on Google in many countries.

“The teacher was impeccable. He was totally at ease with the subject, he ran the course with confidence, kindness and great availability.” — Gaspar Torriero, SayIT SA, Novazzano, Switzerland

For businesses, Facebook offers a huge, and very popular, plaza. Groups of people interact with each other about this and that in the various angles of the plaza. Each individual is an opportunity for targeted marketing communication, provided that the rules of the plaza, often unwritten, are respected.

This course on Facebook marketing will help you understand how to do business on Facebook and how to integrate Facebook into your marketing strategy. The course will also provide many valuable tips on how to move around in this virtual plaza, avoiding common pitfalls in the process.

  • Instructor Sean Carlos
  • Duration 1g
  • Location Milan, or for groups, at your business
  • Cost €695 /day + VAT (group discounts available). The fee includes course materials and certificate of participation
  • Terms Training registration is governed by our terms & conditions
  • Prerequisites Basic knowledge of how to use the Internet
  • Class size To insure effective instruction, registration for public training sessions is limited to 10 students
  • Language English. Training in Italian is available
  • Who is the course for? Interactive Media, Communication and PR Professionals
  • What will I learn? By attending this course, you will be able to:
    • Understand the Facebook phenomenon, who are the Facebook users and how many are there
    • Identify the most appropriate marketing opportunities on Facebook for your company or organization
    • Plan a strategy for the proper use of profiles, groups, pages and associated elements such as events
    • Measure Facebook marketing results
  1. Introduction
    1. The Facebook phenomenon
    2. Facebook in numbers
    3. Who are the people of Facebook?
      1. Who's not there?
    4. What drives the Facebook phenomenon?
    5. Marketing opportunities
    6. Beyond Facebook: a few competitors, yesterday, today and tomorrow
  2. The Facebook plazza and its corners, defined
    1. The personal profile
      1. The problem of a product or a company name in a profile
      2. Opportunities for Professionals
      3. Friends, real and otherwise
      4. News feed
    2. Groups
      1. Groups before and after October 6, 2010
      2. Main characteristics of the "new" groups
      3. Groups and opportunities they offer for businesses
        1. Monitor and contribute to discussions
          1. Find and join groups
          2. Listen to discussions
          3. Engage in discussions
        2. Complaints?
        3. Is there anyone who speaks ill of you?
        4. Create a group on a topic related to products and/or services
        5. Exclusive groups limited to few for a promotion
        6. Using groups for one's own clients
      4. The history of groups on Facebook
    3. Pages
      1. The main page categories
      2. Page elements and functionality
        1. Wall
        2. Info
        3. Events
        4. Notes
        5. Photos
        6. Boxes
        7. Messages
        8. Insights
        9. Other applications, such as reviews and discussions
        10. FBML – Facebook Markup Language
        11. Iframe, JavaScript SDK & social plugins
      3. Community pages
      4. Place pages
      5. Business accounts
      6. Characteristics of successful pages
      7. Page creation best practices
        1. The landing page
        2. Personalized URLs
      8. Promoting a page
      9. Page and groups: a comparison
      10. Profiles and pages: a comparison
      11. History of Facebook Pages
  3. Primary Facebook communications tools
    1. News feed
      1. EdgeRank, the algorithm that determines update visibility
      2. Three steps to optimize the news feed (NFO)
    2. Messages
    3. Notifications
    4. Events
    5. Chat (instant messaging)
    6. Comparison of Profiles, Groups, Pages, Notifications, Messages and Notifications
  4. Getting found: Facebook's search engine
  5. The roles of Facebook and a company's own website
  6. Advertising
  7. Marketplace
  8. Facebook measurement tools and Google Analytics
  9. Facebook limits
  10. Cases of success and failure
  11. Terms & conditions of use
    1. Violations & frozen accounts
  12. Data backup
    1. Photos and uploads
    2. Email addresses
    3. Phone numbers
    4. Lists of friends
  13. Open Graph protocol
  14. Words to the wise
  15. Bibliography and Resources
    1. Blogs
    3. Statistics
    4. Developers
  16. Q & A
  17. Participant feedback

¹Subject to modification. We adjust the content of our courses based on student needs and current industry developments.

Is there a topic you don't see in the syllabus? Let's talk, the topic may already be part of the course even if it isn't explicitly stated above.

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