SEO For Google+ & Google Search panel @ SMX West 2012
Instructor Sean Carlos speaks on SEO For Google+ & Google Search at SMX West 2012.

In the photo: Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land; Sean Carlos, Antezeta; Janet Driscoll Miller, Search Mojo; Daniel Dulitz, Google; Monica Wright, Search Engine Land & Marketing Land (source: SMX)

Business Blogs

A blog, a contraction of web log, is an online “diary”. Publishing programs such as WordPress facilitate page creation without a need to know HTML.

Blogs are often used to publish information, stories and / or opinions. Each blog entry, called a post, may also include comments, allowing readers to have their say. A blog can be written by one or more authors.

“The teacher was impeccable. He was totally at ease with the subject, he ran the course with confidence, kindness and great availability.” — Gaspar Torriero, SayIT SA, Novazzano, Switzerland

A business blog is usually focused on the market in which a company operates. It offers company employees an opportunity to reflect on developments and innovations in their field using a less formal tone than what might be expected from standard corporate communication. Companies may decide to not accept comments from third parties or to moderate comments.

Why have a corporate blog? There are many good reasons, including the high level of attention that a blog can achieve among internet users and search engines. Blogs can also be an effective tool for participatory communication that encourages complex discussions, sometimes leading to product and process improvements, not to mention greater customer loyalty.

Due to the cross-functional (Marketing and IT) nature of this subject, we suggest that both Marketing and IT professionals attend.

  • Instructor Sean Carlos
  • Duration 1 day
  • Location Milan, or for groups, at your business
  • Cost €695 /day + VAT (group discounts available). The fee includes course materials and certificate of participation
  • Terms Training registration is governed by our terms & conditions
  • Prerequisites Basic knowledge of how to use the Internet
  • Class size To insure effective instruction, registration for public training sessions is limited to 10 students
  • Language English. Training in Italian is available
  • Who is the course for? Interactive Media, Communication and PR Professionals
  • What will I learn? By attending this course, you will be know:
    • Understand what blogs are and how they are used;
    • Explain how to employ a blog as a business communication tool;
    • Assess which features to use in your business and how to best use them;
    • How to best deploy and configure an optimized blog.
  1. Part I: theory
    1. What is a blog? A bit of history and the reasons for blog popularity.
    2. What is a business blog?
      1. How are corporate blogs used in business communication?
        1. Concrete examples
        2. Advantages
        3. Disadvantages - the traps to be avoided
    3. What are the choices for hosting a blog?
  2. Part II: in practice
    1. The ideal use of the blog as a communication tool
      1. Authors
      2. Finding a voice and tone to use
      3. Posting frequency
        1. Opportunities for dialogue
        2. Corporate culture and space for criticism
        3. Comment management
        4. Moderation, yes or no?
        5. Editing comments
        6. Responding, how and when
      5. Measurement and statistics, in brief
  3. Part III: Deployment and setup
    1. Summary of technological choices available, highlighting pros and cons
    2. Installing WordPress on your own server
      1. Software preparation and the DB configuration
      2. Choosing (or commissioning) a theme (look and feel)
        1. Localization & translation considerations
      3. Optimizing the blog for search engine visibility
        1. Feedburner for RSS feeds
      4. Security and how to avoid being penalized, or even banned, by Google
      5. Recommended extensions (plugins)
        1. Improving digital analytics
  4. In conclusion
    1. Recommended readings and resources
    2. Q & A
  5. Participant feedback

¹Subject to modification. We adjust the content of our courses based on student needs and current industry developments.

Is there a topic you don't see in the syllabus? Let's talk, the topic may already be part of the course even if it isn't explicitly stated above.

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