URL Tracking Code Generator for ads & campaigns

URLs (e.g.

Campaign parameter quick set Email FFacebook GGoogle+ Newsletter LLinkedIn PPlaxo XXingTTwitter | Clear defaults

Quickly default campaign tracking parameters for one of a few common scenarios. (Contact us to suggest others.)

Campaign parameters CGOOOOTraffic source, e.g. google, newsletter,
CGOOOWWhat tool is used: cpc, banner, email, update
CGOOPWproduct, promotion name, newsletter, update
OGOOPOKeywords or other additional element to track, e.g. update date
CGOOOODescription of specific creative, e.g. top left red
Tracking systems CCoremetrics | GGoogle · Urchin · YYandex Metrica (use # first attribution) | O Open Web Analytics | OOpenstat (Service: ) | PPiwik | WWebtrends (<v7.0) URL shortener configuration Username: Api key: Domain:
These values will be saved in your browser cache (as a "cookie") for future use. Clear fields when done if using a public computer.


Find out more about this tool and campaign tracking.

To better understand how to use campaign tracking, consider our Google Analytics course.

This free tool is provided without any warranty whatsoever. Do contact us with suggestions for improvement.

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