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Digital media measurement: campaign tracking made easy + free tools

So many digital communications channels, yet so little time. As more and more channels emerge for website traffic acquisition, it becomes ever more important to accurately measure a channel’s effectiveness. That means asking and answering difficult, if sometimes awkward, questions of the type “Does anyone really engage with the monthly newsletter?”. If readers are engaging, where exactly does the engagement occur, i.e. which links get clicked? In the case of social media marketing, does anyone really care enough about Facebook page posts or twitter tweets to click through to the company website?


Use events to track 404 page not found errors in Google Analytics

All web users encounter it sooner or later, the infamous 404 not found error page. Over time pages are removed from sites; incoming links from external sites break, a concept known as link rot, or may be wrong in the first place.

Error iconerrare humanum est (to err is human) – Augustinus Hipponensis

Errors are pretty much inevitable, what is important is that they be managed well. There are some excellent resources on how to make a perfect 404 page (note: if a page is removed, the error should be 410 gone, not 404 not found, but there are few sites that get this right) and server error pages as well. Google even offers some code, along with styling options, to provide users with alternative page suggestions from a site.


Web Success hasn’t been Measured in Hits for over 10 Years, Time to Update the News Style Manual

Dear New York Times, I really do appreciate your attempt, day in, day out, to bring clarity to a complex world. I know it isn’t easy, especially with the disruptions the Internet has brought to your sector (and many others). While you may have enjoyed a historical role as a paper of record, the Internet has positioned agile alternatives just one click away from you. Identifying successful funding models in such an environment hasn’t been exactly easy, especially when it seems to easy to view your product/service as a commodity, at least when it comes to national and international news.

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