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8 Ways to Optimize Video for Search Engine Visibility

If you had not already noticed, there has been an explosion of video on the web. Greater availability of broadband connections, coupled with the rise of video hosting and sharing sites, such as YouTube, has made online video accessible to the masses.

In addition to classic search engine optimization, marketing professionals now need to consider how to best distribute and promote their video content, ranging from viral product promotions to ancillary training and support videos.

This article offers specific considerations for video search engine optimization (SEO), sometimes called iVOD search engine optimization.


Audio & Video Multimedia Search Engine Optimization

As broadband usage is increasing, many websites are increasing the audiovisual content available to attract and retain Internet navigators. Unfortunately multimedia, such as images, mp3 podcasts and video, presents a plethora of visibility problems for traditional search engines.

Search engine indexing and retrieval technology is tuned for text-based content, such as html files, not multimedia (also known as rich media). Over time, search engines have become very good at finding text in binary document types, such as word processor files (.doc, .odt), some pdfs and even, to a limited degree, animated Flash files. Multimedia files, such as video, still present their own set of problems that are considered in this article.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Indexing Image Files

As Danny Sullivan’s 2003 article on Multi-media search engines attests, most major search engines, such as Google, began addressing media files with image search. So what primary clues do search engines and thus, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, have to identify an image?

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