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Top level domains, subdomains or directories for Search Engine Optimization of multilingual websites?

Companies targeting multiple linguistic markets on the web have a lot to think about when planning their Internet strategy and execution. Ideally, search engine optimization should be part of their strategy considerations. In this article, we look at a technical marketing issue of website localization: how should a company distribute content targeted at different markets on the web? Do search engines, such as Google, care if a company uses a separate domain for every country, separate folders on a generic top level domain (TLD), such as a .com, or perhaps subdomains? Do users care?

Four common ways to organize website language variants

Perhaps the best way to understand the range of possible solutions is to look at some examples.

Top level domains (TLDs), i.e. by domain suffixwww.antezeta.com
www.antezeta.co.uk www.antezeta.de
Subdomains, i.e. by domain prefix.it.antezeta.com
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