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Facebook is the preferred tool for conveying birthday greetings in the digital age

Birthday greetings by digital platform
Birthday Greetings Distribution in the Digital Age

There’s one day a year where we all feel kind of special… our day, if you will. Well sure, perhaps we do have to share it with others, but its more or less our day.

As an analog native who still remembers receiving birthday cards delivered by the postman, I’m really impressed by how efficiently digital communications tools like Facebook and Skype enable people to acknowledge another person on their special day with a birthday greeting.

So how do people prefer to send greetings today? In what is admittedly a very unscientific survey, it seems most use Facebook’s post to wall or timeline feature – at 77%, Facebook knows how to engage people and it shows. A few, 3.6%, used Facebook’s chat feature, a more private way to send greetings.

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Search engine visibility: one more reason to participate in social networks

The modern plazas online are arguably social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Google+ and, particularly for those selling to other companies, LinkedIn. But before a company decides to dedicate time and resources to preside over social networks, not to mention the definition of necessary processes and metrics, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages worth assessing.

Social network pros and cons

The most evident disadvantage to social network participation are the predictable expenses, such as allocating people and investing in training to avoid getting off on the wrong foot. Social network participation will also require some changes to internal processes – such as integration of social media activity with sales and service departments, and the development of policies regarding the usage of social media by employees and associates. In assessing the benefits, there are the obvious ones, like increased customer visibility and an increase in virtual word of mouth promotion. There is also the opportunity to participate in discussions which are already happening about company products and services. Discussions taking place in the online plaza can be very useful not just to understand what is important to customers, but also to welcome suggestions from customers and potential customers. Another advantage to social media participation which is easy to overlook is the increased visibility it brings to a company and its products and services in search engines like Google and Bing.

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Insert proper links in the website box on your Facebook profile

Have you ever wondered how to insert a proper link in the Website box on your Facebook profile? Not just a raw URL, but a URL with user-friendly clickable text?

Don’t bother trying normal html, it doesn’t work.

The solution is actually rather trivial. Just enter each link URL followed by its associated anchor text, one per line, i.e.

http://antezeta.com/news/ Web Marketing News & Views
https://plus.google.com/109425077132341219276 Google+
https://www.facebook.com/sean.carlos Facebook Profile

You should then see something like this

Facebook Website Links

Currently there seems to be a limit of 6 websites.

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Google+ data liberation: a promise not yet fulfilled

Ever notice how MS Office can import umpteen different document formats but export options are pretty much limited to Microsoft formats (by the way, rtf is a Microsoft format)? This is by design. Smart companies have realized that data is an asset, to use strategically, including as a barrier to keep customers from jumping to the competition.

Why data portability does really matter

The ability to transfer data from one application to another, data portability, is becoming an issue for users on the social web as they try to find the social and business contacts they cultivated on one social site on other social websites. Contacts accumulated in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and similar sites don’t happen by chance. They’re the fruit of socializing with friends and professional networking over time: activity such as photographing the moment, speaking at conferences, contributing at barcamps, and, why not, just being simpatico. Activities people do, not Facebook, not LinkedIn, not Google+. A social website is just a container, albeit a significant container. If a user has worked hard to fill the container, they should be able to transfer their contents, at will. That includes priceless contact information which has been shared with them. The user shouldn’t be locked into the container.

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A few quick thoughts on Google+ pros and cons.

It might be wise to say up front that I’m ecstatic over the launch, albeit, in limited test, of Google+. Google+ is already a significant improvement over Google’s other, often forgotten social site, Orkut, and seems to demonstrate that Google has learned a lot from its other previous social efforts like Friend Connect and it’s twitter-like Buzz.

Google says it is currently focusing on consumer usage of Google Plus, which explains the absence of business profile support. Unfortunately, Google seems to have underestimated the mixed professional and social use of social networking sites today: many potential users cannot create a profile with their primary email address as addresses associated with Google Apps aren’t currently supported. This is kind of surprising as one would have thought that Google itself is in this situation, but their internal version of Google Apps must have an extended feature set!

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How to painlessly import contacts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social sites

It happens to every company and / or professional which wants to promote their products and services on social networks: they are asked to permit the social network to access a contact list in order to find contacts which are already on the social network and to invite others to join them on the social network. A find contacts feature can be an excellent opportunity to quickly grow presence and influence on a social network, but it is also a process that contains many potential pitfalls. The sections that follow consider some of the most important traps and look at how the use of a temporary webmail mailbox can help in avoiding many problems.

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Facebook EdgeRank and 3 steps to optimize visibility in the Facebook News Feed (NFO)

The Facebook News Feed contains a selection of highlights from Facebook friends, pages to which a person is connected on Facebook and, to a limited degree, groups. The news feed receives significant visibility in Facebook due to its prime location in the central column of a Facebook user’s home page and its ongoing updates. The News Feed content consists of news and posts from friends and pages, friend requests, tagged photos & notes, responses to event invitations and notifications of group memberships.

The News feed is actually divided into two streams: Top News and Most Recent. The Top News stream, the default, contains selected highlights deemed by Facebook to be the most interesting and relevant, while the most recent stream, visible by clicking on a link, contains almost all of the current activity of friends and pages. It seems that about half of Facebook users click to view the most recent news.  The Most Recent updates are limited to activity from 250 pages and friends but you can remove this constraint by choosing the Edit option at the bottom of the page.

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What Google Knows about Google… and a few other things

There is a wonderful saying that one hears in big companies, particularly when discussing Knowledge Management – KM initiatives, “if only we knew what we know“. It is unlikely that Google is exempt from this problem, but their data-driven culture has launched several information dashboards which aim to overcome this problem by facilitating internal and external communication of data, from Google service statuses to internet statistics.

Search engines are great in helping us find something when we suspect that there is an answer out there somewhere, to borrow a phrase from X-File’s Fox Mulder. Yet search engines aren’t very helpful when you don’t even know or imagine a resource exists. This article aims to help insure these mostly lessor known Google tools and resources get the visibility they deserve.

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What’s New With Social Media Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is part of a bigger web ecosystem. At SMX West 2009, three habitués of the social media scene shared tips on successfully promoting a website using social media.

Moderator: Sara Holoubek, Consultant, Columnist and SEMPO Board of Directors



Brent Csutoras describes the user-generated news site reddit. When logged in, the front page is dashboard of reddits. You can create your own social media site using a CNAME sub domain name and the Reddit platform. (Add a CNAME record aliasing your domain to rhs.reddit.com. Enter this new domain, e.g. social.antezeta.com, in the domain field when you create a new reddit. – Sean)

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Marketing the best of a bad situation: gracefully communicating downtime news on the web

The other evening Camillo Di Tullio, a.k.a. Dr Who, asked me via IM if I was having problems accessing highly trafficked social media websites like Facebook or LinkedIn. In that particular moment, I wasn’t, but his question stuck a particular cord. We’ve seen many downtime issues with major Internet sites lately.

Website downtime, planned and unplanned, presents a company with a reluctant marketing opportunity. After all, investments in search engine visibility and other website traffic drivers are all for naught when a site is no longer reachable. The best a company can do is acknowledge the issue and, where appropriate, attempt a dose of humor while working frantically behind the scenes to insure the problem doesn’t occur again.

What follows is an informal survey of mostly recent “site is unavailable” downtime messages. I conclude with information on keeping website service pages out of search engine results.