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Microsoft / Yahoo Search Alliance: a closer look at Bing Webmaster Tools & a free data export tool

Now on its third significant iteration, Bing’s Webmaster Tools merits a closer look in light of Yahoo’s continuing transition to Bing search technology as part of the Microsoft/Yahoo Search Alliance. During the summer lull in the northern hemisphere, Bing and Yahoo each made a series of important announcements regarding the Alliance. On July 22nd Yahoo stated that a further 6 countries are now powered by Bing organic search results; Yahoo added another 6 countries to this list on August 4th, bringing the total to 17. On August 16th Bing noted the integration of Yahoo traffic data into Bing Webmaster Tools.
Bing Webmaster Tools Traffic Performance Report
Figure 1: Yahoo logo in Bing Webmaster Tools to show combined traffic sources

Why SEO practitioners should care

The Bing / Yahoo consolidation won’t immediately challenge Google’s effective monopoly in most markets, with the US being as an important exception, it does put Bing in a better position to give Google a run for its money – important for anyone working in international SEO.

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Domain & URL Strategies for Multilingual & Multinational Sites

One problem search engines face when indexing and ranking a website’s content is to identify the target geographic and linguistic market a particular website page is trying to reach. The world wide web is indeed that, and the issue is particularly complicated for websites in languages which have a broad geographic reach such as English and Spanish.

Fortunately for site owners, there are clues search engines use to match website content with searcher location. By understanding these clues and user behavior, site owners can choose a domain and URL strategy which best fits their needs.

I discussed domain and URL strategies at the SMX West 2010 Search Marketing Expo conference. For the benefit of those who couldn’t attend, the slides and a rough transcript follow. I’d strongly recommend that you attend a future SMX conference in person – from search marketing tips to great networking (and fine food), you won’t regret it.


7 sources of link intelligence data and key link analysis considerations

It may seem like a cliché but on the web no website is an island. Any site worth its salt will have accumulated inbound links and will most certainly contain outbound links to other resources on the web. Indeed, one can easily say that without links to interconnect websites, there wouldn’t be a worldwide web.

For search engines, such as Google, incoming links provide a strong signal as to the authority of a website. If multiple websites link to a specific website for a given topic, there is a good chance the website cited by others is deemed to be highly relevant for a good reason. Google and other search engines identify the theme of a website page by analyzing a page’s content and the text of the incoming links – the underlined text you click on to arrive at a page. Links, especially inbound links, are thus one of the most significant in the over 200 factors Google considers in its ranking algorithms. Inbound links from related sites in a business’ sector are also an excellent source of highly qualified direct traffic.


Links and Algorithms behind Blog Statistics: BlogBabel reopens.

I couldn’t help but notice the reopening of Italy’s primary blog classification service, BlogBabel. Just over a year ago I wrote about BlogBabel:

“While it is worth keeping in mind that BlogBabel’s ranking is just one measure of the importance of a particular blog, Ludo deserves kudos for the transparency in which BlogBabel’s rankings are calculated.”

Since then, the ranking factors have changed a bit. Currently BlogBabel says the following parameters are considered1:

BlogBabel Ranking FactorDescriptionWeight
Google PageRankThe “official” global weight Google assigns to a site. (Its worth noting that this is updated only once every 3-4 months and is not what Google uses internally.)1
FeedBurnerNumber of feed subscribers for blogs.0, thus not considered
Link/6Inbound links from posts on other sites, added within the last 6 months.1
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