List of Domains used by the Bing search engine

Bing LogoThe following is a list of domains used by the Bing search engine in different markets. It can be used to achieve better search engine reporting in Google Universal Analytics and other Web & Digital Analytics systems.

Bing domainServiceNotes
bing.comRedirects to ww/local edition to ww/local edition to ww/local edition to ww/local edition Kong to ww/local edition Zealand to ww/local edition connection? KingdomRedirects to ww/local edition and Worldwide

The URL query parameter for search keyword phrases is q.

Historically Microsoft has also used the msn and live domains for their search engine. Bing results are also supplied to Facebook, Yahoo and many ISPs.

Note: this list represents original research. You may republish this information elsewhere on the web providing you cite this source. Thank you for your understanding!

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