Barilla to Gays: You’re Not Family. Social Media Outrage Ensues

The president of Italian pasta maker Barilla, Guido Barilla, has created quite a fuss in Italy by comments made about gay families during an interview on an Italian business radio talk show, The Mosquito. In discussing who is an acceptable face for Barilla pasta ads, he said

I would never run an ad with a gay family, not for lack of respect but because I don’t think like them, ours is a traditional family where the woman has a fundamental role.

Presumably he means in the kitchen. Later today he backtracked, saying:

Referring to my statement yesterday on the program “The Mosquito”, I apologize if my words generated misunderstanding or were considered polemical or hurt someone’s feelings. In the interview I just wanted to simply underline the centrality of a woman’s place in the family.

It seems unlikely this statement will be enough to demonstrate that he understands why many people would be upset at what appears to be 1950s thinking. They are certainly using social media to be heard and to ask for a boycott of Barilla products. For those who read Italia, La Repubblica has more details.

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