Antezeta Search Engine Optimization Services

Antezeta helps companies increase their natural visibility in major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex) including local variants such as Virgilio / Alice, Tiscali and Arianna / Libero.

Not only do we help you increase your natural search engine positioning, we insure that an increase in merit-based™ traffic translates to increased conversions – the activities aligned with your business goals such as sales leads, support downloads and completed purchase transactions.

Search Engine Optimization Website Audit

Antezeta will perform an extensive in-depth analysis of your website, providing you with concrete tips to improve your business results by increasing qualified traffic from search engines – qualified traffic relevant to your target market.

One’s presence on the web is a bit like that of a nice shop — if located on a dead-end street, nobody will stop in.

Our analysis also takes into consideration competitors’ sites and background information from a questionnaire we provide you.

We’ll document the findings of our audit in a check-up report with specific action items you can utilize as a basis for optimizing your site.  The audit report will cover both Marketing and Technical areas as indicated below.  Other information relevant to search engine marketing may be provided as appropriate to your site.

A telephone consultation is included to discuss the report’s recommendations with your web agency or in-house web team.  We’ll even provide a quote to perform much of the work for you if you prefer – the choice is yours.

Audit Analysis and Consultation

¹Visitor behavior analysis (optional, but recommended) requires supplying us with a few weeks of recent web server log files which we review with our web analytics tools. Log files must include W3C extended attributes (i.e. user agent and referrer).

Do you have an international presence? No problem, we can help.

If you believe you are currently subject to search engine penalties, we will try to help you if your intention is to “come clean”.


On-site Consultation and Training

Larger companies in competitive markets may find it advantageous to augment their Site Audit Report with one or two days of on-site Search Engine Optimization training for their in-house Marketing and IT staff. We offer in-house hands-on workshops covering SEO fundamentals and site audit findings.

Are you a Web Agency?

We can partner with you to provide your clients with SEO services appropriate to their business objectives. Let us know your needs.

Are you Measuring your Success with Web Analytics?

Antezeta can help you measure multiple facets of your web presence, including the success of your search engine optimization efforts. We offer Web Analytics training, software and software selection services.

The use of the term Merit-based™ in conjunction with Search Engine Optimization is a Trademark of Antezeta.

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