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Even on its release in November 2005, Google Analytics proved to be a very promising tool, much better than the free tools available at the time, such as Webalizer, AWStats and Analog.

Over time Google has made many significant improvements to Google Analytics, placing it in strong competition with high-end tools. Today, the apparent simplicity of Google Analytics is deceiving. To best take advantage of the myriad basic and advanced Google Analytics features, you really need to know the tool thoroughly, with all its strengths and weaknesses. It is also really important that the tracking code configuration is optimized and customized to take full advantage of many advanced Google Analytics features.

Many of the most common Digital Analytics problems arise from errors in instrumentation (configuration).

Digital Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik postulated a 10/90 rule for Web Analytics success: for every €10 spent on analytics tools, companies should invest €90 in personnel dedicated to do the actual analysis and execute the process of producing insights. The €90 sum includes training personnel.

Digital Analytics Association Logo In this spirit, we offer consulting and an intensive Google Analytics course. The instructor, Sean Carlos, is an official Digital Analytics Association instructor. The standard consultation involves a day-long in-depth look at a Google Analytics installation. Together with the customer, we check more than 40 Google Analytics configuration points. Among the items our checklist includes are:

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