Digital Analytics Consulting

System Selection, Implementation and Training

Want to know what pages are the most seen in your site? Which sites are sending you traffic? What day of the week receives the most traffic? Want to measure your organic search engine optimization activity? Then a Digital Analytics solution, also called Web Analytics, is for you! We especially recommend Digital Analytics to organizations which are actively pursuing Search Engine Marketing – whether it be Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and / or Search Engine Advertising (SEA).

Antezeta offers a variety of consulting services tailored to your needs

Just getting started?

Antezeta offers a special program developed for companies getting up and running with Digital Analytics. We’ll support your IT staff with the installation and configuration of the leading tool, Google Analytics. We’ll then provide your marketing and technical people with the web analytics training they need to interpret reports and use this feedback as part of continuous site improvement activity.

The concrete Digital Analytics experience you’ll gain using your own site’s data is an excellent basis for informed decision making should you later decide to consider advanced functionality available from tools like Omniture or Coremetrics.

Google Analytics installation, configuration and training

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Ready to buy a Web Analytics Solution?

We can help you in the solution selection and implementation process. We work with you to:

We can:

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Already have a Web Analytics Solution?

Want to better understand the hows and whys of the data contained in your reports? Antezeta can help you. We have direct experience with many of the leading tools such as Web Trends and Google Analytics. Contact us today!

We offer web analytics training to meet your needs.

Combine Web Analytics with your Search Engine Marketing activity

Web Analytics is used to track the success of Search Engine Marketing activities whether they be merit-based™ organic search engine positioning or pay per click. Verify that search engines are finding your site’s pages with Web Analytics. See which search engines are sending you traffic and the keywords used. Find out which specific pages were viewed due to search engine referrals. Antezeta can help you validate your Search Engine Marketing activities with Web Analytics. Antezeta also offers Search Engine Optimization Services to increase the visibility of your site in search engines.

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